Selah® Tantric Healing Arts Training Certification


Selah provides authentic Tantra Training to anyone intrigued by the Tantric Healing Arts and offers marketing services & clients to energetic individuals interested in becoming a contracted full- or part-time practitioner of Selah® Tantric Healing Arts.
Experience in energywork, massage therapy, or yoga is welcomed but not mandatory.

^WAIVED when training to work as a contracted Selah® Tantric Healing Artist for a minimum of 50 sessions.

Our trainings are for individuals looking to enhance their own understanding & application of Tantra as well as for those who would like to pursue professional Tantric practice. What we offer is a non–sexual modality. This hands-on training will cover Tantric philosophy & Chakra Education, Tantric techniques, and our progressive session framework.

^Please submit your Resume/ CV & Headshot if you would like to be considered as a contracted Selah® Tantric Healing Artist.
CALL: 720.739.0422