The Power of Breath


Embrace your raw, intimate being...

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Life is a Breath. How deep will you inhale?


Something we all do in every moment of every day... something that is so ordinary- so simple- so often overlooked, forgotten, and taken for granted...

| Breath |

... yet, possibly our greatest tool for self-healing.

Our breath is our connection to life, syncing us with the natural rhythm of the expanding universe.

In and out... in and out...

As you watch a newborn breathe, you see their inhale travel deep into their belly- filling it like a balloon- their pelvis rocks, their legs fall outwards ever so slightly, and their chest rises and falls like rolling ocean waves. This deep, full-bodied, oceanic breath is our birthright. It is a reflection of how open, receptive, and trusting we are in our humble beginnings. No worries... no fear... soaking up each breath of life for everything it is worth.

You too once breathed in this way.

As we grow up- in a world filled with stress, anxiety, and expectation- we learn that the world can hurt us, and life can be painful. In response, we develop ways to cope. We learn to fear disapproval and rejection, so we censor ourselves in order to please others. We learn that others can be dishonest, so we shut ourselves off from deep connection. We learn that failure hurts, so we play it safe.

Our breath becomes a reflection of our tightly controlled internal world- short and shallow. We pay little attention to it. Breathing deeply makes us feel too much- makes us too aware of the things we wish to keep hidden- so we keep it light. In our attempt to protect ourselves from hardship and pain, we cut ourselves off from the beautifully joyous moments. Life is to be lived fully and freely- paralleling the same potential held in our breath.

Take a moment to check your breath. How long has it's pattern gone unnoticed? When was the last time you took a deep, purposeful inhale? 

As you bring awareness to your breath and begin to consciously work with it, you forge a direct pathway to your automatic nervous system, thus opening up access to a part of your being that normally operates outside of conscious awareness. In doing so, you are able to tap into the inner functions of this system for the purpose of new discovery.

As you consciously breath in and out, you begin to feel the connectedness of inhale and exhale. Where does one start and the other begin? In and out begin blending together, as One. It is no coincidence that breath work is at the root of most meditation techniques. It is how we connect with the Oneness of Life.


Selah® Tantra Sessions are centered around the breath. It is how we bring attention to and create space in the body. It is how we clear out blockages and negative energy. It is how we refuel with clean, vibrant energy. It is the source of change within the body. By increasing awareness of your breath, we unlock your potential for self-healing and growth.

Try this simple breath work technique at home, and note the changes you feel in your mind, body, and spirit:


[clear out negative energy, release toxins]

1. Be still. Find your breath. Listen to it for a few moments.

2. Take a deep inhale through your nose, and imagine filling your entire being with present, fresh oxygen.

3. Exhale through the mouth, and release anything that does not serve you- anything blocking that positive light and energy from flowing freely. Allow it to be released back into the universe.

4. Repeat 3x

If you'd like to delve deeper into breath work, Selah® Tantra Sessions offer an experiential way to detoxify, heal and empower your being using the simple power of breath. In Session, you will be guided beyond the tangible, to self-heal past wounds and embrace the Now, so that you may manifest a future in alignment with your most authentic desires.




Selah® Tantra Sessions are holistic immersions offering a melting pot of modalities to deepen your connection to yourself, others, and your source. Incorporating body, energy, and breathwork in addition to guided imagery/ meditation, engagement techniques, and mild yoga postures, we specialize in clearing energetic blockages from the mind, body, and spirit to re-sensitize your being and empower you to live your Tantra.