Tantra: The Art of Connection


Experience your raw, intimate being…

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When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.
— John Muir

We cannot take a breath without experiencing our deep & intrinsic connection to the world, to one another, and to ourselves. Every inhale draws the world into us, and every exhale gives a piece of ourselves back- a symbiotic relationship. Even the kind eye we give a stranger on the street, the food we fuel our bodies with, a thought held as truth… all ripple out to create something larger.

And are all an exchange of energy- the common denominator of all things.

When we truly see this, the great pattern that lies at the core of all things reveals itself.

We gain access to and dominion over this pattern. We are not helpless pawns in the game of life, being tossed around by aimless coincidence. We are sentient beings with the incredible power of connection, discernment, and creation.


If we create our lives from authentic decisions rooted in what feels right, that alignment ripples out in a positive way and calls positive energy back.

If our decisions are rooted in the unstable mind or in fear, the ripples of our actions and non-actions only lead to further fear, further anxiety, and further instability- internally and externally. 

The mind can be the most unstable part of our beings. Neuroscientists state that up to 1/3 of the brain is made up of mirror-neurons, which means that 1/3 of the mind is mimicking our surroundings 100% of the time. Our thoughts are constantly being pushed and pulled and influenced by our external environment.

How do we decipher truth within this constant influx? Right and wrong? Good and bad? What serves us and what distorts us? How do we know that the information we make decisions from is valid and in alignment with our true selves?

The mind is able to justifiably make sense of anything.

The knowledge of the body on the other hand

{intuition, instinct, reflex}

is absolute, clear, and very compelling.

Raw instinct cannot be ignored or justified.

It is deeper than emotion… deeper than thought.

The body is not easily fooled. And, it is designed to protect and heal itself.

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How do you create your life from a space of authentic alignment? Where do you test your discernment to? Try tuning in to the wisdom of your body. Next time you are indecisive, what feels right? Choose that path, and watch the positive, restorative ripples take shape & form within you and around you.

Have you connected with your deepest, most authentic being? Are your decisions a reflection of your highest self?

Tantra is the ancient art of connection. It’s aim is to bring attention to the absolute interconnectedness of all things. Tantric practice endows us with the knowledge that our energy has a profound impact on the world around us. And that our ripples into the world ripple back to us.

Experience authentic Tantric mastery with Selah. We create holistic, immersive journeys that guide you into greater alignment with your deepest, most intimate being. From this space flows deep, meaningful connection into every aspect of your life.

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Selah® Tantra Sessions are guided, holistic immersions that feature a melting pot of modalities to deepen your connection to yourself, others, and your source. Incorporating body, energy, and breath work in addition to guided imagery/ meditation, engagement techniques, and mild yoga postures, we specialize in clearing energetic blockages from the mind, body, and spirit to re-sensitize your being and empower you to live your Tantra.