Are your Chakras in Good Health?


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The Chakra System is rather mysterious. It has been a topic of discussion since ancient times, and many different interpretations exist. While everyone senses the Chakras from their own unique space in the universe, a few key attributes can be agreed upon.

  • First things first- what is a Chakra? Chakras are specific points of extreme energetic mass in the body that are believed to serve as production sites of our subtle, or intangible, energies. They are powerhouses of positive energy- rich in measurable heat, light, and vibration- and distribute this energy to our bodies and into our vicinity through a spiral pathway. The word Chakra literally translating to “wheel,” they are often referred to as energy wheels.
 Spiraling out from energetic points at the central core of our bodies, Chakras radiate positive energy through us and into our surroundings, creating our auric fields.

Spiraling out from energetic points at the central core of our bodies, Chakras radiate positive energy through us and into our surroundings, creating our auric fields.

You can think of the Chakras as your body’s energetic self-healing system! When our physical body is hurt, our immune system assesses the problem and immediately sends healing to the affected area. Our Chakras do the exact same thing on an energetic level- producing positive energy to heal energetic imbalances and flush out toxic energy.

  • How many Chakras are there? And, where are they located? It is commonly believed that there are, at minimum, seven major Chakras located along the spine; starting at the tailbone, moving upwards to the crown of the head. We call these the Prima Seven Chakras. Although some cultures believe there are over 200 Chakras in our bodies, the Prima Seven take center stage in Selah® Tantric Sessions.
  • What's the difference between the Chakras? Each unique Chakra produces energy at a different temperature with a different spectrum of light, and, therefore, emits a different frequency in megahertz. This is why we feel different energies in different physical places in our body - love in our heart, discernment in our throat, joy in our low belly, and so on.

Think of each Chakra as the mother, provider, and protector of its specific energy. The Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, creates and houses our grounding, stabilizing energy. It vibrates at a low, strong frequency and emits red light. Our Crown Chakra, located at the top of the head, creates and houses our capacity for internal, external, and divine connection as well as balance, unity, and cosmic understanding. It vibrates at a high frequency and emits white light. In between these polar opposites, we find the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras- each relative to its own unique energy.

  • Lastly, what is a Selah® Tantric Session? One thing that is essential to the proper function of our Chakras, is space. When there is a history of negative energy in our lives coupled with a lack of energetic boundaries, our Chakras can become susceptible to crowding by these negative forces. Negative energies are much like parasites- feeding off and blocking our Chakras from sharing their inherently positive, healing energies we so desperately need. Selah® Tantric Sessions equip you to clear out negative energies and empower you to access the bright & vibrant Chakra energies always available to you for healing and growth in your life.
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Selah® Tantra Sessions are holistic immersions offering a melting pot of modalities to deepen your connection to yourself, others, and your source. Incorporating body, energy, and breathwork in addition to guided imagery/ meditation, engagement techniques, and mild yoga postures, we specialize in clearing energetic blockages from the mind, body, and spirit to re-sensitize your being and empower you to live your Tantra.