Movement Therapy

The yoga mat is a simple starting place...


Selah® Yoga is the practice of yoking the body, mind, and spirit through a series of rigorous, but meditative, postures.

The term yoga literally means “unity” and refers to that of the body, mind, and spirit. Selah® encourages the alignment and maintenance of these 3 interrelated systems to facilitate abundant living. Therefore, yoga is the perfect introduction to the Selah® lifestyle.

Reclined Hero  Sunrise Selah ®  | Sanibel Island, FL

Reclined Hero

Sunrise Selah® | Sanibel Island, FL

The Selah® Yoga practice will enable you to seek peace with your whole being- inside and outside the walls of the classroom. Our goal is to provide persons of all belief systems and backgrounds a safe environment for collective physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal. Selah® Yoga is for everyone. 

Regular practice not only increases flexibility and muscle tone, but it also improves the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and endocrine systems.  A strong, healthy body supports a sober mind & sound heart- and vice versa.

Each Selah® posture has a corresponding verse for meditation. Through the incorporation of mindfulness, we find peace amidst chaos and clarity amidst distraction. By acknowledging that our external environments have no control over our internal environment, habitual stresses, anxiety, addictions, etc. dissipate. Selah® Yoga serves as an "inlet," rather than an outlet.  It is a practice of filling up from the inside out to encounter the peace that resides within.

Let the journey begin... on YOUR mat.

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Upward Salute  Lincoln Woods | Lincoln, RI

Upward Salute

Lincoln Woods | Lincoln, RI


The perfect combination of hiking & yoga. Take your practice to amazing peaks with us.

We meet at a designated trailhead, hike to a sick yoga spot to practice, and then hike back.  Intensity levels vary per hike, and are indicated on the YogaHikes™ Schedule.

Simply bring your hiking boots, yoga mat, and hydration.

Eight Angle Pose  Alicetown | Bimini, Bahamas

Eight Angle Pose

Alicetown | Bimini, Bahamas


Kick your yoga mat out from under you, and MOVE!

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