Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL



Through your journey to deeper understanding of your inner power, Hado facilitates a place of safety, openess, knowledge, and empowerment. As you venture through environmental and physical limitations, Hado will aid you to shine a light on the perpetual healing that every cell and vibration of your body produces. 

By focusing on your body's natural energy centers, Hado hopes to guide you to a place of unwaivering peace, love, healing, protection, and strength. By letting go of your busy life and taking time to focus and grow, the evolution of your life will unfold with the abundance both within you and at your fingertips. 

Every breath, thought, word, and action you create holds a  vibration that represents your being inward & outward, and spans the universe. When you understand the inate power you truly hold, you can learn to use your inner guidance to create the life you truly desire. 

With the use of breathwork, gentle movement, healing touch, and verbal coaching, Hado's intention during your sessions is to enlighten your understanding of the exchange of energy in every moment, and to help bridge the gap between the masculine & feminine energy we all encompass. By intertwining the physical and metaphysical existence of your being, and acknowledging the effects your body has on your spirit, you will live equipped with the information to walk on solid ground- interconnected from the inside out- and to proceed in harmony, gratitude, and bliss for the abundant blessings in your life.

Hado is a certified yoga instructor and is currently enrolled as a student in Clinical Massage Therapy. Through studies of ancient yoga postures, and their spiritual & meditative benefits on the body, in addition to her knowledge of the physical characteristics of the human form, Hado is excited to share what she has gathered to help awaken & revive your journey- all encompassing.