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Boulder, CO

Meeting your goals does not need to be a result of self-deprivation.

Conscious Coaching is about you. Not just your output, but, more importantly, your input. We want to partner with you in manifesting the most abundant you attainable. We will look at everything from life/ work balance to nutrition to relationships to the direction your head points while you sleep in order to find the balance you need in your present life to drive you forward into the future. And, we will be with you every step of the way.


Longmont, CO

One of the biggest lies I’ve been told is that you never really fully recover from an eating disorder.


San Diego, CA

The art of releasing trapped emotions…

This incredible breakthrough method makes it possible for anyone to release emotional baggage for a happier & healthier life. Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical ailments, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties.


Boulder, CO

Heal the past. Live the present. Manifest the future.

Conscious Couples Coaching is about two evolving beings who have chosen to continue their journey of evolution together. We want to support you in navigating this multi-dimensional process. We will dive into everything from boundaries to belief systems to goals with utmost transparency to guide you into your individual as well as collective dreams as you complement each other every step of the way.



Longmont, CO

Go beyond the mind. Tap into the knowledge & wisdom of your body.


Boulder, CO

Every now and then, usually when you need that extra something in life, it seems to work out that you come across the just the right person or just the right experience that really helps. Selah and her Kinesis program were exactly that for me. With what was potentially an epic mid-life crisis looming, I had just enough motivation to search for something different and give it a try. I thought I was searching for a missing ‘spark’ in life — Selah helped me to not only realize that it was within me the whole time, but also how to grow it and make it better than ever. Her approach is truly customized — she works with what you give her, pushing you here and there to try new things, yet never making it something that isn’t truly you. I cannot thank her enough for helping me right my course and steady the ship with the confidence to weather any storms ahead. If you have doubts, that means you haven’t completely ruled anything out one way or or the other, so meet with her to see what doors can be opened!
— Herb C., KINESIS Graduate

KINESIS | Energy in Motion

ki·ne·sis [kəˈnēsis/] n. movement in response to a stimulus


Feeling stagnant?
Struggling to gain forward momentum?
Searching for support & accountability as you move into the next chapter of your life?

The KINESIS program was designed for YOU. KINESIS is all about coming into congruence with who you are at your core, or as we like to call it- your raw, intimate being. Together, we will align every aspect of your life with your unique, authentic identity- from your daily routine to your sleep cycles to your life/ work balance to your nutrition/ exercise to your relationships to your spiritual practices- in order to manifest the constant, balanced, abundant life you deserve.

All you need is all within you. Often, we just need to peel away the layers picked up over time.

KINESIS will guide you to:

  1. RELEASE physical, emotional & spiritual blockages

  2. ACCESS your potential [stored] energy

  3. CONVERT your potential energy into kinetic energy [energy in motion]

  4. HARNESS this momentum for manifestation in your life

In just 21 weeks, you will receive:

  1. 21 Sessions 100% customized to you and your goals (one 2 hr. Session/ week)

  2. Weekly take-home applications (progressive)

  3. Life-transforming knowledge and practice on how to access, activate, and manage your energy.

Session Modalities:

  1. Conscious Coaching

  2. Ayurvedic Consultation

  3. Bodywork / Energywork / Chakra Therapy

  4. Breath-Work & Meditation (Passive & Active)

  5. Yoga Therapy

  6. Sound Therapy

  7. Aromatherapy

Contact us to schedule a FREE 15 minute exploratory call to see if KINESIS is the right fit for you: