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Selah | Holistic Wellness is a healing arts and conscious lifestyle & relationship coaching practice based in Boulder, CO.

Rooted in the foundation that we are all inherently well, Selah offers various modalities to:

1. compliment our body's natural ability to self-heal the body, mind & spirit from past traumas
2. find balance in our present lifestyle
3. continue evolving towards the unique abundant life accessible to us all



Andrea Jayne Martin, Founder, CYT, Certified Intuitive Dao Tantric Healing Artist & Coach

Andrea Jayne Martin is an eclectic healing artist, yogi, mover, creator, and wellness enthusiast based in Boulder, CO.  She developed the Selah® technique in 2011, and upon its establishment as an entity in 2013, she began traveling to guide classes and workshops throughout RI, MA, FL, and CO.  She is currently in the publishing process of a book of the Selah® technique as a result of successful Kickstarter campaign "Selah: Project Codify."

Andrea is a graduate of Rhode Island College with a B.A. in Dance as well as a B.A. in Performing Arts Management.  She also holds a Certificate in Non-Profit Studies in addition to a Minor in International Non-Governmental Organization Studies and was the recipient of a 2015 Rhode Island College Leadership Award in the category of "Vital Contribution to the Community."  She holds certifications in Selah®, Kripalu, and Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga as well as Intuitive Dao Tantric Chakra Therapy and is CPR/ AED certified.  She serves as Founder and President of 501(c)3 nonprofit holistic wellness advocacy organization Seeds of Wellness (SOW), Inc. and is also the Artistic Director of ethereum dance co.

A freelance dance educator, choreographer, and performer, Andrea is passionate about creating performance art pieces that speak to wellness and sociopolitical issues.  She integrates the Selah® technique into her dancing and also derives inspiration from dance for new posture progressions and flows in her yoga practice.  Her approach in both forms is symbiotic between body and soul- encouraging full immersion in movement.  Both listening to the body and connecting the mind are essential companions in forming a deeper understanding of the body and our internal relationship to its physicality.  Andrea's teaching style balances sound technical training with an emphasis on safe, anatomical practice and dynamic, progressive exercises for all levels.

Andrea has had the privilege of working with renowned artists/ mentors Heather Ahern (Aereplaye), Rika Alexander- assistant to Twyla Tharp, Nathan Andary, Jennifer Archibald (Arch Dance Company), Winifred R. Harris (WRHBL), Adrienne Hawkins, Ronald Lewis (Low Mountaintop Collective), Melissa Lui of Daniel Phoenix Singh’s Dakshina, Deb Meunier (Fusionworks), Eva Marie Pacheco (Providence Ballet Theatre), Jessica Pearson, Jenny Rocha (Painted Ladies), Kathy Gordon-Smith, Franca Telesio (Contemporary Dance Theatre of London), Bill Wilson, and Angelica Vessella.