Holistic Yoga

finding balance through

Movement Therapy | Ayurveda | Aromatherapy



n. a pause that refreshes



| Wed |
5:30-6:30p SPENGA (SPENGA)
| Sat |
9-10:30a YogaHike™ (location changes weekly)
| Sun |
10:15-11:15a Modern Jazz Dance (CAC)

+Doors are open a half-hour before and after class.



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Pricing by Location

+Community Dance Collective (CDC)

$15 Drop-In | $12 Students

$60 for 5 | $48 Students

| more discounted Class Packages available |


$20 Drop-In | $17 Students

$80 for 5 | $68 Students



1st Session = FREE

Packages & Memberships available


+Colorado Athletic Club (CAC)

Non-Members: $30 Drop-In (includes use of fitness equipment, towels, showers, jacuzzi, sauna & eucalyptus steam room)

Members: FREE


| Private Classes |

+Couples/ Group Classes (Selah)

1 hr. Class/ $60 + $15/ person

1.5 hr. Class/ $110 + $15/ person

+Individual Classes (Selah)

$60 / .5 hr. class

$110 / 1 hr. class

Class Structure

Power Yoga | Sanibel Island, FL

Power Yoga | Sanibel Island, FL

ALL levels welcome.

Because movement & posture sequences are progressive, all classes are designed to introduce the beginner as well as challenge the seasoned yogi/ dancer.

Props, modifications, and resting postures are made available in every class.  Your practice is your own; we are simply here to guide and encourage you.


+Yoga for Dancers

Fast-paced, fluent & stretchy, this class is designed to target and tone lean muscle, making it the ideal yoga class for dancers or anyone desiring that long & lean dancer's body.

+Intermediate/ Advanced Modern Dance

A balance of Graham, Limon & Horton Technique, this class contains floor-work, center exercises, across-the-floor movement applications, and choreography as well as opportunities for free improvisation. Accessible to the beginner, while challenging for the advanced dancer.

+Modern Jazz Dance

A balance of Modern and Jazz dance techniques, this fluid, low-impact class contains lean muscle-toning center exercises and progressive across-the-floor movement applications, topped off with dynamic choreography and integrated improvisation.  Accessible to the beginner, while challenging for the advanced dancer.

What to Bring




Additional Services

  • Spacious Parking Lot
  • Mats & Props
  • Therapeutic Grade Antibacterial Mat Spray (essential oil-based)
  • Water
  • Towels (CAC only)
  • Showers, Jacuzzi, Sauna & Eucalyptus Steam Room (CAC only)
  • Selah® Apparel
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Flavon Nutritional Supplements
  • Bodywork
  • YogaHikes™

Community Class | Leviathan Exchange | Pvd, RI

Community Class | Leviathan Exchange | Pvd, RI


-Arrive 15 mins. early to check in, warm up, and get situated with the space.

-NO shoes or personal belongings beyond the lounge.

-Place phones on vibrate or silent & leave in lounge.

-Observe silence in the classroom.

-Relax & unwind.



n. a pause that refreshes

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